Episode 7 of This is Not a Podcast – stream or download

Excited to watch Jack White’s Unstaged performance on YouTube tonight. Directed by Gary Oldman. All the clips that have been posted so far have been great.

Thinking I need to do some serious spring cleaning this weekend.

Wishing the construction, or the yard work that the neighbouring apartment complex does each morning would start after 9am.

Wishing I had an assistant who could help me with the intake of the huge collection we just got in at the museum.

Currently…you are?



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4 responses to “currently…

  1. Holy crow. When it comes to talent, Jack White is the 1%. Other musicians should occupy something.

  2. Completely!

    I cannot wait to finally get a chance to see him play live. :)

  3. What perfect timing that you are seeing Jack White touring his new album, which is a really fine one!
    This time of year, there is no silence, is there? And the ones with the noisiest machines also seem to be the earliest risers. Grrr.
    Looking forward to listening to the new podcast! But I may have to wait until later tonight, as I am off to judge some songwriters this morning.

  4. I’m really excited to hear some White Stripes songs with a full band!

    Hope you enjoy it whenever you get a chance to listen. :)

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