my days of march in one

Instead of taking a photo each day for a month, I was inspired to take video snippets each day after my friend Liz over at The Blisslist posted a video diary for February.

It seemed like a perfect time too – testing out the new computer and remembering how to edit.

All video was taken on my phone. Definitely a project I’ll probably attempt again on my travels this summer.




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6 responses to “my days of march in one

  1. Wow, I totally loved this! I really enjoyed the music, too. Well done, and what a great idea.

  2. Thanks, WC! It was fun to make. Yes, that Jesus and Mary Chain song really fit. :)

  3. That was so much fun! You did a great job and you chose possibly one of my favourite JAMC song. Great choice. The wrong way filming fit in there very nicely too, didn’t it? (I totally did that on purpose…)

    I particularly loved the segment with the long sweep of bridge trusses/

  4. Yeah, the March 17th segment with the bridges and the flipped around camera is my favourite. Thanks for being a good sport!

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