This is Not a Podcast: Episode 6…stream or download.

Wondering when this cold of mine is going to fade.

Planning to head out to the art gallery here in a bit to go and see the Beat Nation exhibition.

Looking forward to hiring summer students – not for the process – but reading the ridiculous e-mail addresses from some of the applicants. It’s my favourite time of year.

Amazed that my artichoke hummus turned out so well. If I could share, I would. Maybe. Are you cooking/baking anything this weekend?

Pondering over making a trip to IKEA. I need some shelves, but I also don’t want to leave with a thousand tea lights, like last time.

Currently…you are?



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5 responses to “currently…

  1. kelly

    for me, Ikea is about finding the escape route that takes me back to the exit

    artichoke hummus sounds wonderful

  2. they have cheap shelving and bookcases, which work for my budget. don’t own anything else from there except those. well, and the tealights.

  3. A friend of mine just returned from a trip to Singapore, raving about this Tunisian breakfast dish called shakshouka. It looks ridiculously good, and I’m planning to make an attempt at it during my week off.

    Also I have been a horrible blogfriend – I have yet to check out any of your podcasts! Off to remedy this tragedy right now.

  4. congratulating myself on my timing, clicking over to your post just when I was going to search for some music to accompany my coffee and internetting. Listening to your podcast now. You are on a roll!

    cooking Korean dishes tonight, as Susan and Jeff are coming for dinner. Haven’t seen them since NYE, so this calls for a big meal. The bulgogi I have made many times before, but some of the other dishes will be experimental.

    I almost went to The Beat Nation. I was in the lobby of the VAG, but didn’t have quite enough time to justify the entrance fee. Next time.

    Enjoy the jailbait98@yahoos and the cherry blossoms!

  5. BAP: Mmm, that sounds good – I hope you’re successful!

    Hope you enjoy. :)

    Barb: Think I’ve settled into a good groove – I’m going to attempt one every other week from now on.

    I hope all went well with the dinner tonight – just saw some photos on Facebook. Wish I could have been there!

    I ended up going today and it was great – I saw Strombo there, too! They’ve changed around some of the galleries, so it was nice to see new stuff. The admission is quite spendy per visit though – $20.

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