play it, sam

I’m working on a video project I hope to post here either Sunday or Monday.

However, I am having trouble picking a song to go with said video.

I keep shuffling through my music library, and the song I hoped would fit is too short. I need something around 4.15-25 minutes in length. Turns out all my favourite upbeat songs are around the 3.30 mark. It’s frustrating.

So, if you have any suggestions for me, send them over.

And on a completely unrelated note…I tried posting about this on Facebook earlier today, but it seems to have disappeared. This is the best infographic I’ve seen this week. Click over here to watch the trailer for Bully.

Should be noted that the film is rated PG in Canada.



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2 responses to “play it, sam

  1. You are right, upbeat songs do tend to come in on the shorter side. It’s hard to maintain all that positivity for very long, I guess. I can’t think of any exceptions, but will pass along any that may spring to mind.

    I’m excited to see the video project!

    I had heard about the puzzling rating for Bully. *shaking head*

  2. I think I may have found the right song – just need to edit things down a bit. Hoping to post in Sunday, but might be Monday.

    It’s very perplexing. Was glad to see it’s PG here.

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