tomato paste in a tube

Text message excepts with Mum…

Mum: Al, I wanted to know how to order something from Amazon. I pulled up the account part where you put your e-mail address and password, but what password do I give them? 

Me: You have to make an account first and register it to your e-mail. Did you want me to order something for you? I already have an account. What are you trying to buy?

Mum: Tomato paste in a tube.

Me: What?

Mum: It’s for Paula, she saw it on the Food Network and wants to try it. 

Me: Did you try going to the grocery store?

Mum: Yes, wasn’t there.

Me: What’s the product called specifically?

Mum: Tomato Paste in a Tube. I’m looking at it right now on Amazon.

Me: No the brand – wait, are you on .com or .ca?

Mum: .com

Me: We can only order from .ca. Hold on. I’m calling you.

Mum: Why can we only order from .ca? That’s silly.

Me: Pick up the phone.

You’ll be happy to know that after a quick Google search we found the product was available in a variety of grocery stores. Now I’m tasked with the job of buying said product and delivering it to my Aunt when I visit next month.

Teaching my Mum how to text and order things online has been a humourous process. So glad she’s learning though. She makes me realize how much of the interweb and computer knowledge I take for granted. Also, she properly composes text messages better than any other member of my family.

By the way, am I the only one who had never heard of tomato paste in a tube?



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3 responses to “tomato paste in a tube

  1. Karen

    I bought tomato paste in a tube recently at Save On Foods. Love it! You can use as little or as much as you want unlike a can where it’s all or nothing (or 1/2 goes in the garbage). And you can order from .Com – I have a few times in the past. Although, I don’t know about food. I think its weird that Amazon sells garden furniture, toys, and now food. What happened to books, CDs and DVDs???

  2. iduality

    I’ve never been able to order from .com and have it ship to a Canadian address. I guess it depends on the item.

    I do think it’s a bit odd that you can order groceries from Amazon, but very convenient! Perhaps the .com version has always sold more items and we’re just used to it selling books and dvds.

  3. I’ve seen tomato paste in a tube, but have never been tempted to buy it. Wasabi in a tube, though, or anchovy paste – now that’s convenient!

    Good for your mom for sticking to her literacy principles whilst texting.

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