and he’s in a vest

Had anyone else noticed this trend “no photography allowed” in retail stores?

Yesterday while out wandering I noticed it in three stores we ventured into, one being a dollar store. I can understand how retailers wouldn’t want people just perusing the shop and taking pictures, but in most shops we went into we were buying items and took the odd picture here and there, mostly of window displays, outside the store. It’s a bit perplexing to me, as even in the museum we allow photography.

I snapped this little gem before I was told the “no photography rule” – to which I earnestly replied, “But he’s got a monocle!” The salesperson was not amused.

So, if anyone is looking for something to buy me for my birthday…

He wasn’t for sale in the store, otherwise, I would have bought him.



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2 responses to “and he’s in a vest

  1. The photo turned out great despite the stink eye you received from the sales clerk. I too think these stores are missing out on a huge opportunity for free publicity, not to mention that they are risking alienating people with the no photos policies. What do they think they are, rock stars?

  2. Ha! “Who the fuck uses a flash when they are 5 feet from the singer?” ;)

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