but i thought you loved music?

How do you not know that song? I thought you loved music? 

Someone said this to me yesterday when referencing the song, which I had to Google, Moves Like Jagger.

Audiophiles reading this might wince at the mention of that song, or if you’re like me and had never heard it (now I wince as I listened), it will be met with a blank stare. And I say this not to be a music snob, it’s merely that I do not listen to radio outside of the stations here in Vancouver/Seattle or my own music collection. I don’t have cable, so I don’t watch a lot of television on networks either. Some may call this a bubble, but hey, it’s well insulated and I serve lots of tea.

I dislike statements or questions like the one posed to me; which is essentially saying because you’re a fan of something means you should know everything about that one thing. Same thing used to happen with me when I was a film student; How have you not seen that? I thought you studied film? What do you mean you don’t like so and so – it made Xillion dollars at the box office.

Hey, there is a lot of art out there and I’m a firm believer that it comes into your life when you’re ready for it.  Also, if one spent their days just watching films or listening to music non-stop, it would actually make living your life a bit difficult and if you can’t do the latter it’s going to make your appreciation and understanding of all that art suffer.*

But it’s so popular, how do you not like it?

To me this is the difference between carrots and asparagus. I can never go back to just normal carrots when I’m cooking veggies. I’ve been ruined by the good stuff. I will add carrots, or dip them in hummus when I’m lazing on the couch on a Saturday afternoon, but I will never just steam carrots as a side when asparagus is out there.

This is how I feel about music and film.

Sometimes I wish I could watch a film without the lense of a film student, or listen to music without the ear of having been a lifelong fan of many different genres, it’s very hard to shut those voices off.  They can be subdued in the right moment, to a whisper, and you know, sometimes they need to be. Yet, they are always crawling their way back up.

And man, do they hate carrots.

*My rationale for why I waited so long to watch Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.



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4 responses to “but i thought you loved music?

  1. Blank stare here, signifying, with hand on my heart, that I love music and have never heard of this. And I trust your taste, so am not going to bother Googling it either.

    I like your theory that art comes into your life when you are ready for it. That must explain why I can now appreciate a lot of disco, when it is filtered through the lens of the OFKAR’s appreciation (who didn’t have to live through it the first time around).

  2. I definitely think that it makes a difference that you can appreciate different kinds of art when you’re not in the centre of when it’s popular.

  3. Buy Dinosaurs UK

    Moves like jagger is pure unadulterated pop crap and frankly, a slap in the face to any true fan of The Rolling Stones. You are lucky as I believe being in Canada shields you from a lot of the shitty songs that are popular in the US.

    “it’s so popular, how do you not like it?” – is not a valid arguement. Kim Kardashian is the most popular porn star in the US, do I have to like her now?

  4. Yes, I only managed to listen to about 40 seconds and had to turn it off. I am not at all surprised a song like that came from Maroon 5. I do think our crap filter is slightly higher than the US. Also, Canadian content laws state 40% (or 50%) of what is on the radio/tv be Canadian.

    Kim who? Yeah, I just don’t get that one…truly baffling.

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