new blue

Finally decided to it was time to retire my 10 year old chucks.

They fact that they couldn’t be worn when it rained and the bottoms were nearly worn through made the decision a bit easier.

I’d been coveting this purple pair at a store downtown, but when I went to try them on they didn’t have any left. So I went with the next best thing – blue corduroy. Lowtops to my old pink high tops.

Here’s to the next ten years.

What was the last clothing/shoe item you bought?



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4 responses to “new blue

  1. kelly

    they are very blue! nice. Last wearable thing I bought was a new kayaking life jacket on the weekend. Last shoes I bought was a pair of brown Keens shoes about a year ago. And, last clothes I think was socks and underwear. Pretty boring huh?

  2. Nice colour new aren’t they?

    Eh, you need essentials. I haven’t been kayaking in a long time.

  3. I’m much like Kelly – I bought myself some socks for Christmas, and before that, a pair of walking shoes about a year ago.

    However, since all my clothes are currently in various states of shreddedness, I may have to suck it up and go shopping.

    Perhaps some chic blue sneakers would make that effort more palatable!

  4. I’m in need of some socks, thanks for the reminder.

    I’ve been slowly starting to buy new clothes, as I was noticing the same thing as well…it’s a process. ;)

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