mirror, mirror

What we see in the mirror doesn’t always reflect who we are inside.

I have this feeling that the older I get, the more and more I will think of myself as the age I was when I came into my own.

Which is why I found this series of photographs by Tom Hussey so fascinating.

What’s your inside age?



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5 responses to “mirror, mirror

  1. I recently read something I’d written at 21. Any illusion I had that I was still 21 inside was shattered by that embarrassing blast from the past. Now I’m 35 inside. Just like on the outside.

  2. kelly

    very interesting photographs. In the past I’ve asked a few people how old they feel and am quite surprised by the answer. My mom who is 75 says she feels maybe in her late 50’s or early sixties. To me she seems 75, bad back, bad knees, uses a walker, etc. Do I feel 50ish? No I would say I feel 36ish. I base that on my physical fitness and I am more fit now and doing more than I use to be at that age. The amount of grey and baldness ruins that illusion. I think because we age so gradually we don’t notice the subtle changes. The other question is how old would you like to be if you could be any age? I use to answer35-40 but I don’t know now, as long as I knew what I know now.

  3. I used to think that I felt eternally 20ish, but now I am not so sure. I realise that I now have perceptions and insight that I never had at the age, and I also have fears and trepidations that I also never had at that age. So, I don’t really have an answer.

    But I know I am not the old woman I see in the mirror! Those are great photos.

  4. A similar concept was tried here.

  5. John: I feel like that sometimes when I read old blog posts. Be interesting to see how things will change as the years progress.

    Kelly: Yes, that’s another good question. I think I’d like to be the age I am now.

    Barb: If only we could have the insights and not age physically. ;) Yes, the photos are great.

    John: Ha! That’s a bit creepy, but humourous.

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