Trying to figure out why I’m so tired. Think weeks of fighting off a cold are catching up to me.

Looking forward to seeing The Lonely Forest in concert at the end of the week. Even more excited that I have friday off, so I won’t have to deal with next morning concert brain.

Just read Patton Oswalt’s newest Spin Magazine column: This Way to the Egress. Glad it’s going to be a monthly feature. My favourite line, “Do I choose the stoic resignation of a presentable sport coat and slacks or the desperate defiance of a faded Pixies T-shirt and painful-to-my-arches Doc Martens? How about a third option?”

Hoping inspiration comes to me this afternoon so I can start and finish my next newspaper article. Thoughts are floating, but nothing is sticking.

Disappointed with the new Magnetic Fields album. At least there was one good song. I hope they sing a lot of their back catalogue at the concert next month.

Loving these amazing pictures of the “frosty blue dunes on Mars” – if I was one to change my desktop background, it would be to one of those.

Currently…you are?



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3 responses to “currently…

  1. Did I not just leave a comment here? What’s going on WordPress?

  2. As I was saying, although it’s a shame about the lack of hits on the MF album, I understand that it’s only about 20 minutes long, so this bodes well for a lot of play from the back catalogue at the upcoming concert.

    The Mars shots are lovely and the texture reminds me of a blanket. A sub zero alien blanket.

  3. It went into my spam filter – strange!

    Yes, it clocks in at about 34 mins, so I am still very much looking forward to the concert. I just wish Stephen sung more on this album, I think that’s the biggest downfall.

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