the picture is up

Ascending, descending…staircase scenes in films are my favourite. Perhaps it’s the film student in me. Have you seen The Artist?

I’d heard such mixed reviews, despite all the awards it’s been receiving, but finally watched it today. It played out as exactly as I had suspected, and was an enjoyable film.

Wasn’t groundbreaking, or fantastic, but was certainly good and made me smile and want to dance. What more can we ask from a silent picture? I felt the secondary characters were great in the film; both John Goodman and James Cromwell fit their roles perfectly.  Now I’d like to watch Singin’ in the Rain and Modern Times.



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2 responses to “the picture is up

  1. I haven’t seen The Artist yet, but am very curious what it is about staircase scenes that intrigues you. Wouldn’t it be wild to film an Escher staircase scene? Or has that been done?

  2. I just love a wide shot and the aesthetics of it all. I think it works best in silent pictures; Modern Times, Metropolis as the music evokes certain emotion as well. There are so many iconic staircase scenes though, especially in Italian cinema.

    Yes, that has been done a few times, the ones that are coming to mind now though are from cartoons; The Simpsons and Futurama.

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