is it over yet?

I’m partially in disbelief that I made it to Friday still intact.

What a crushing week it’s been work-wise. We got a lot of bad news this week, mostly in the span of one day. Not only was the wind taken from our sails, we were kicked while down. Repeatedly.  I really can’t get into details here but it involved funding and losing some of our storage facilities.

This coupled with other stresses (computer woes and migraines) made for a rather emotionally unstable week.

I found myself at my desk yesterday listening to the new Andrew Bird album, in tears. I was so disappointed that it didn’t sound as I hoped I just started to cry. My co-worker came into my office, asking me what was wrong. I tried to articulate – by gesturing wildly at my computer – how I was upset over this album. She took one look at me, raised her eyebrow and said, “I think you might be upset over everything else, not the music.”

She was right of course. It’s just hard watching something you’ve tried to change over the past 3 years regress overnight. And the best I could do in the moment was be upset over whistling that put me to sleep.

The mini breakdown put things in perspective though, and this morning things look a bit better, interim solutions found and that’s the best we can do at the moment. Plan to have a few libations with friends this eve, and upload a new podcast this weekend.

I re-watched Under the Great Northern Lights last night, which helped lift my mood. It’s one of my favourite concert films. I really wish they had done a documentary on their recording process before breaking up.




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2 responses to “is it over yet?

  1. Hey Allison

    Definitely a week that needs to end! I can totally relate to the experience of having your hard work undermined by seemingly capricious external sources. Glad you can take solace in some libations, friends and good music.

    If it’s any consolation, Andrew Bird is apparently amazing in concert (the documentary I saw back in Oct certainly lends weight to this) so even if the album isn’t stellar I think the show should be good. If you have a chance to see the documentary I would certainly think it would help lift your spirits and redeem Bird in your esteem.

    Looking forward to catching up soon at some of the great shows that are lined up!

  2. Learning to let go of things that are beyond my control – but it’s difficult! Thank goodness for weekends and music. ;)

    I’ve been trying to find a copy of Fever Year, but to no avail. Hopefully one will surface soon. I’m still looking forward to his concert though.

    Can’t wait for spring concerting to commence!

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