ipad wielding wankjackets

I had an extremely unsatisfactory experience at the Apple store this past weekend.

Not only was the Mac “Expert” I dealt with horribly condescending, two other customers next to me where literally laughed at while making their complaints, by not only the representative they were speaking with, but by the whole “genius bar” staff. If they hadn’t asked to speak with a manager on their own behalf, I was going to say something. I didn’t want to start two arguments, as I was already butting heads with my own “Expert” as we ran tests on my computer. I just could not believe the outright rudeness. It’s one thing to poke fun at someone in private, but in public and in front of other customers? Inexcusable. I’m not talking about a little laughter either.

After spending 90 minutes in the store, essentially the “Expert” told me that my computer was “so powerful, it’s natural to overheat this much” and “it’s the power cord that’s making it heat up.”

Now, I’m certainly not a computer expert, but I’m also not an idiot. Yes, the power cord adds a bit of heat, but considering the machine itself shuts off when it reaches 100 degrees…how can 90-95 temperatures be normal? So, burning my legs through a cooling pad is normal?

Answer: No, it’s not normal. Which is essentially what the customer service rep told me over the phone. They can’t tell you that at the Apple store though, because that would mean they made a mistake. So now I have to take my machine to a third-party retailer, who can open it up, without voiding the warranty.

I’m not annoyed that there is a problem (as it can be fixed), I’m frustrated that I was given bogus reasons for its malfunctioning. I have been an Apple fan for a long time, and have many products from them, and when stuff literally breaks they are great about fixing it…however when it’s a grey area problem they do not like to take responsibility.

I still love my Apple products, but I shall never set foot in another store.




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2 responses to “ipad wielding wankjackets

  1. I’m really sorry to hear that you had such a horrible experience, as did those other customers in the store.

    I have never been an Apple fan, nor have I been a detractor, just sort of neutral. But after hearing about the way you were treated, right after learning what a fiercely opaque company Apple is, in terms of social and environmental responsibility, I think I will stay away from their products.

  2. I was most offended by the treatment of the other customers. I was so glad they complained, no one deserves that kind of attitude when asking a simple question.

    I’ve only ever dealt with the Apple store in Toronto previously, and they were fine, and the customer service people on the phone were as well. I hope this store is stand alone in their douchebaggery.

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