I really needed to laugh this morning, and this did the trick.

Something that made you laugh this week, or smile?



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6 responses to “truth

  1. There haven’t been a tonne of smiles in the week, but sitting for a photo shoot at work yesterday was more fun than it should have been. Good photographers should always discuss Gang of Four concerts with you.

  2. kelly

    don’t know about asny laughs this week but I do agree with raisin vs chocolate chip cookies.

    I like rasins, I like chocolate chips, i don’t like raisin cookies I loooooove chocolate chip cookies

  3. Barb: I agree! Takes your mind off the whole process of having your picture taken.

    Kelly: I love raisins, and enjoy oatmeal raisin cookies…just get disappointed when you think they’re chocolate chip. There is no real replacement when you think you’re getting chocolate chip cookie.

  4. That moment when you bite into a cookie expecting chocolate, but get a mouthful of raisin instead,is a pretty harrowing experience.

    The Beatles provided some much needed laughter on Tumblr yesterday.

    Never gets old :)

  5. Not as funny as the trust thing, but I was amused this week. One of my students backed up and fell onto another. The first student was making more of a big deal about it than the one that was sat upon, so I called him on it. “Why are you making such a fuss? [She’s] the one you fell on and she’s not making a big deal.” To which he responded, “But she’s not that soft!”

    Funnier if you were there, but I laughed.

  6. BAP: That’s great. Is that your Tumblr?

    John: Ha! That’s still quite funny, actually. :)

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