basking in a lazy Saturday afternoon.

actually looking forward to grant writing next week. during January i finished and installed two exhibits, so my creative side needs a week off. they’ve been well received though, and i’ve gotten compliments on the last article i wrote for the newspaper. i’ll be sure to post my next one, which will be on music, in preparation for our upcoming summer concert series.

eagerly awaiting some new albums to leak. i pre-ordered Andrew Bird’s latest, but i hope it surfaces before it arrives in the mail.

planning a walk around the seawall tomorrow. it’s been a lovely week here weather wise, and i’ve been enjoying walking to work every day.

watched Midnight in Paris. made me even more excited for my upcoming european adventure. have any good film recommends?

thinking that typography junkies will approve of this clip. thanks, liz!

currently…you are?



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5 responses to “currently…

  1. Kudos on getting the exhibits installed, and on taking advantage of the great weather. I am planning to bask in a lazy Sunday, myself, after having worked some late nights all week. There’s something about the sun pouring through the window that demands curling up on the chesterfield with a book.

  2. I hope the weather is this nice when you visit in March!

    I plan to spend the rest of the eve curled up on the chesterfield after that long seawall walk. Hope you enjoyed a lazy Sunday!

  3. ali

    Loved Midnight in Paris! :-)

  4. When are you going to Europe?

  5. Ali: So good!

    John: In June, second and third weeks….Paris, London and Berlin.

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