In my dash to grab a quick lunch at the market I picked up what I thought were just plain brown rice crisps to have with my hummus. Yeah, not so much.

I really have to start reading the entire package. It would have helped had the writing of “smoked bacon and gouda flavour” been in a bolder colour. Just one in the many D’oh moments that have started off my week.



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5 responses to “damn

  1. Frankly Mr. Shankly, I’d be firing a worded missive off to Mr. Christie for simple bad packaging. I had to search just to find the flavour on that bag.

    Tell me it wasn’t your tongue that discovered that little surprise though.

    It’s definitely Monday here too.


  2. Ha! I should. I should.

    No, thankfully I had them sitting on my desk for an afternoon snack, and glanced over and read the bag before opening. Guess it’ll just be pumpkin seeds until dinner now. ;)

  3. I too had to scrutinize the bag to find the flavour. I suspect that heads will roll in the Christie lithography department.

    That must have been a huge disappointment!

  4. ali

    I’ve been staring it for about a solid minute – specifically looking for the words ‘gouda and bacon’ and I still don’t see it.

    Either I’m a blind idiot, or someone on their design team is.

  5. Barb: It was. Thankfully I got the proper plain kind today, and passed the other on to a co-worker.

    Ali: click on the picture to enlarge – that might help. I think the design team still should have gone with a bolder colour.

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