running through the music, stepping on each note

I’ve been having the most interesting dreams this month.

I suspect the only reason I can recall them is because I haven’t been getting that much REM sleep.

The majority of them involve running, getting lost (or losing someone), or being in a car with someone else driving. Also traveling.

When I check my dream dictionary (yes, I have one of those), all signs don’t point to good things.

Do you put much weight in dreams?



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6 responses to “running through the music, stepping on each note

  1. I definitely know that I’m working things out in my dreams, and when I feel something is significant, or I start to notice a pattern, I write it down in a dream journal. I have a lot of bad/creepy/unpleasant dreams, too, which is often unsettling.

  2. I keep a dream journal too. Well, it’s a notebook next to my bed for ideas/thoughts I get during the next. This week I’ve really seen a pattern, so best I wrote it down.

  3. I thought dreaming only occurred during REM sleep. Hopefully that means that you are getting more REM than you realized.

    I enjoy dreaming, but for me dreams are just a form of nighttime entertainment.

  4. Hmm, I just recently read an article sighting the opposite – but I have no idea. I’ve been looking into sleep studies, which is why. I have been sleeping for longer periods before wakings 3-4 hours instead of 1-2, so that is definitely a plus!

  5. kelly

    i have always been a skeptic about dreams having any meaning. I’ve looked at them as just the ongoing rambling of our minds. I still find them fascinating and after the heart slows and the dreaded feeling that accompanies a “bad” dream. I feel I have been fortunate to be able to experience something like that. I find it frustrating how a dream can be so strong and vivid but once awake it fades and the memory of it decreases rapidly unless we write it down or describe it to someone.

  6. That’s a nice way to look at it, as an outgoing rambling.

    Yes, dreams can certainly be frustrating.

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