So, will we have an underground interweb on our hands soon?



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5 responses to “blackout

  1. Pretty effective of Wiki to do this – when one of the most popular sites in the world goes dark people will notice. Quite pathetic really that there would be this open-ended mandate to police the interweb more so a few media moguls can increase their bottom line.

    I am generally not cynical, nor do I gravitate readily to conspiracy theories, but one could really see this being abused to shut down any “undesirable” views under the guise of copyrite infringement. A geniune threat to free speech indeed.

  2. Well that was succinct! Glad to hear the strike is having an impact.

  3. The protests seemed to have worked – the bills have been tabled. For now that is. Still alarming that one government thinks it can run the entire web.

  4. Just heard about the bills being tabled indefinitely – glad to hear the online protests had an impact. We can’t exactly deny that piracy and copyright infringement are harmful and illegal, but to deal with it in this manner is definitely going to extremes.

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