thanks, i think

This morning I had an appointment at the hospital for two different ultrasounds,  followed by blood-work. Nothing serious, just check-ups and screenings.

In both my appointments I had students assist in the procedures.

No one really likes having an ultrasound, not to mention a regular ultrasound plus the probe kind, so I wasn’t too thrilled about having to have the procedure done twice, in one sitting. Once with the trained professional, and once with the student. No, go ahead I love when you press on my full bladder like that. However, I understand they need to practice what they learn.

During the ultrasound the student couldn’t find one of my ovaries and looked at me, confused, as if to say, well, where is it? Last time I checked it was there, you’re the one with the machine, I think you’d have a better idea. Her boss then stepped in and directed her to the right positioning.

When the procedure was done, the nurse in charge said to me, “Thank-you for having such great anatomy. It’s wonderful when students can learn on nice anatomy.”

(insert nervous laughter from me)

What a peculiar thing to say, don’t you think?



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6 responses to “thanks, i think

  1. kelly

    not really, I think it’s perspective. Those who do that job may just appreciate “nice” anatomy more than the rest of us. Having things in the right location and all. And congratulations to the hard work you’ve obviously done on keeping your internal stuff in good shape.

  2. I wonder if Hallmark has thank you cards specific to that? A niche market, true, but undoubtedly useful.

    Kudos for making it through the procedure!

  3. liz

    that’s hilarious.

  4. I think they should reward you with a “Great Anatomy” sticker or button which would give you special status every time you go to the doctor, like a free latte while you wait and a bonus high resolution ultrasound that you can take home and frame.

    Of course there is the t-shirt that reads “I Have Great Anatomy”, which makes one very popular at an organ donor’s conference.

    You won’t likely forget that appointment anytime soon.

  5. Kelly: I still think it’s an odd thing to say, especially as it’s something I have no control over.

    Barb: Ha. Perhaps they should attempt to break into that market. ;)

    Liz: Indeed, it was.

    Matthew: Yes, I like these ideas! The “I have Great Anatomy” would be a break from all my concert tees, good to mix it up. ;)

  6. That is actually hilarious. And I would actually take that as a compliment! Considering they were med students and all. It sort of contextualizes the comment and makes it a lot less creepy than it would be, otherwise.

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