but we’re doing you a favour

Today at work I had an unannounced caller.

At first I thought he was trying to sell me something, which happens from time to time, normally it’s over the phone, but sometimes it’s in person. I’m a pretty patient person, much more than my boss, which is why she’ll usually have me deal with advertising.

The unannounced caller came in just after lunch, and caught me completely off guard. Gave me a cryptic sales pitch, only for me to figure out he wasn’t looking for paid advertising, he was looking for me to write content. Free content.

I tried to explain providing content to a publication, even if it promotes our organisation, still costs money (my time) and it’s something we already do a lot of, so I’d need to see examples of said publication, distribution lists, other organisations involved, etc.

At the mere mention of other publications we already provide content for and the idea that we should be paid for our articles this man went off on me. The bubble of personal space invaded, hand waving, expletives thrown about.

I stood gobsmacked.

It literally took me a full minute to compose myself, not have my voice shake before I threw him out.

The funny thing is, I do a lot of writing for “free” to advertise events, etc. Yet if you expect me to write 500+ word articles for free, when you speak to me like that, I’m sorry, not bloody likely!

People getting paid for what they write?

What a concept!



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5 responses to “but we’re doing you a favour

  1. What? Unbelievable!

    I am well used to people expecting free content, but I have never been verbally attacked when I question it. It would be tempting to make a formal complaint to that publication, or whomever the obnoxious individual answers to.

  2. I think he answers to himself, or at least that’s what I gathered. I’ll definitely be sharing this story with any other organisations that inquire about the publication.

    Still a bit shocked by his behaviour. Really took me off guard. On the plus side, I did have a productive day besides that interruption. So there’s that.

  3. Nothing quite like a socially impaired Neanderthal at work to brighten your day!

    Another tactic might be counter these unreasonable demands with a list of personal errands you would like this bloke to run for you. After the inevitable incredulous response you can reply by stating “well I guess you don’t like working for free either”.

    It does throw one off though when someone overreacts like that, and I always think of million things I could have said afterwards.

  4. Perhaps we are just too polite.

    Can you imagine donning the neanderthal hat from time to time? (I can’t either frankly.) What an awful thing to completely ruin your day.

    I had a similar incident this morning when a disgruntled computer user was angry with me for an outbreak of malware he aquired on his own system. (One must maintain demeanor, explain, move on and ultimately blame his parents).

    Sure wish the biting sarcasm and wit reflex would kick in sooner though. For now it remains great blog fodder I suppose.

    Hope your day is going decidedly better today.


  5. Matthew: It really did bring a shine into the afternoon!

    Ha! Yes, I will have to try that next time. I know, I always think of 10 things I would have said after the fact. Although it’s probably best I didn’t, who knows where he would have taken it from there.

    Sean: I was having a rather good morning up until that point as well. I’m still shaking my head, but glad my boss was on my side and lets hope he never returns.

    It’s hard to do so at times isn’t?

    Reminds me of the time my the Internet went out at my parents house, and my dad blamed it on my me for downloading Firefox. ;)

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