the lovers, the dreamers and me

Found these prints which are part of a Jim Henson tribute exhibition.

I wish all of the characters were represented, but I’ve only seen Oscar the Grandiose, and Sen. C. Monster (R).

If you could “redesign” any Muppet (Sesame Street or other), and make a new character, what would be their look and name?



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4 responses to “the lovers, the dreamers and me

  1. The Swedish Chef would run a food truck called Kaspar’s Katch, which would sell upscale pickled herring. He would sport a soul patch and play hackeysack with his customers.

  2. Love that! Somehow, I can see it.

    Look forward to a walking “taste” tour of all the food trucks here when you visit next.

  3. Beaker hires an unconventional speech therapist and overcomes his incoherent high pitched murmuring. With his new found confidence he becomes the hip CEO of an up and coming tech firm, and now Dr. honeydew is working under him!

  4. Ha ha ha! I love it. :)

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