happy to have found my tea groove again.

addicted to the BBC series Downton Abbey. it’s the perfect amount of awkwardness and humour that is usually missing from a British period drama (cough Pride & Prejudice). i’ve just started on the second season and predict withdrawal when it’s over.

slowly finding outlets for my creative ideas. went through a rather bleak fall, but ideas are percolating more readily. maybe it’s the mulling over a good cup of tea again. i suspect it more has to do with all the reading i’ve been doing.

planning to work on a video post this weekend. i’m still getting used to my new computer, they made a few changes since i was on a mac last and it’s taking me a bit to get comfortable again.

awaiting packages i had shipped from my parents house over the holidays. includes books, desktop treasures and some glorious vinyl.

still laughing over this tweet i read yesterday, “I think my favourite Helena Bonham-Carter character of all time has to be “Jack White.””

also chuckling over the latest Shit Girls Say video, especially “That dog needs water!” line.

currently…you are?



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4 responses to “currently…

  1. I can’t wait for your video post!

    I think I need to get some new tea or something, as my creativity has completely dried up. And writer’s block is brutal when that’s what you do for a living. Glad to hear your creativity train is chugging once again though.

  2. I think little film project is a good distraction. Remembering how to use editing software is fun (for a geek like me).

    Indeed it is. I have a heavy month of writing at work, and it really is hard when you hit that wall. Hope you can hope on the train soon!

  3. Oh video post! Looking forward to that one.

    Shit Girls Say is hilarious. I’m especially enjoying the spin-offs and parodies, including Shit Asian Girls Say and Shit Sri Lankan Mothers Say.

    Also, that owl teabag is amazing.

  4. Might be pushed back a bit if I get get rid of this migraine, but it’s coming. I promise.

    Haven’t really stumbled across and spin-off, but I’ll have to look for them!

    Isn’t? I want.

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