this. this right here.

Been spending my time traveling all over Southern Ontario this past week, hence the lack of posting.

Hope you all had a lovely Xmas and celebrate New Years Eve in whatever fashion you enjoy most.

I still have a few days of pinging around before I make it back to Vancouver, so for now this is kind of how I feel…



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5 responses to “this. this right here.

  1. kelly

    i posted a photo that made me think of you. I should explain that nothing in the photo makes me think of you (that would be rude) It just made me think of all the interesting photos you find and post

  2. Buy Dinosaurs UK

    You’ve been time traveling? awesome!

  3. Kelly: That was a great photo – reminded me of something out of James and the Giant Peach.

    F: Today only to middle earth.

  4. You must be exhausted with all that holiday travelling, but hopefully in the very best way.

    I’m pretty excited to be ringing in the new year with Susan and Jeff. I hope you have a lovely evening, despite the upcoming travel.

  5. Glad I had today to recover before going into work. NYE wasn’t too eventful, but still enjoyable. First year in the last 5 that I stayed in. Hope you guys had a lovely eve!

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