blue raspberry

Instead of finishing off my year-end song list, I’ve been making a gingerbread house.  It’s turned into an annual tradition, and I think this is the best one yet. Although it does lack a bit of an overall story. I had wanted to do a house set in two different universes but then decided on a brownstone-like structure with neighbours of varying tastes.

Amazingly, even though this was a larger structure it held together the easiest of them all. That royal icing, I tell you.

Photos are a bit blurry, too lazy to find my actual camera amidst the luggage. I’ll upload better ones later.

Front of the house. Some of you might recall the address, which was my address when I lived in England.

Communal ice rink in the middle of the pathways.

The “Blue Raspberry” side. Inspired by watching Christmas Vacation. Snowman who don’t melt, hence the sunbathing on the shreddie roof.

More colour coordinated neighbours, cinnamon hearts and mints with a poppy-seed roof.

Green fondant siding…

Red fondant siding…

The backside, oh, and the window lining is the only non edible part of the house – used paper for that.



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5 responses to “blue raspberry

  1. Oh I love it!! Best house ever, I agree :) The shreddie roof is my favorite :) (I remember that address) :)

  2. Stunning! I like how you have paid tribute to an address that I rather miss writing on enveloped, twas so much fun. Although I do hope that the Shreddie roof is a bit less leaky than the original.

  3. Mel: Not sure how I’ll top it next year, but it was fun to make, and the easiest of the bunch. Go figure.

    Barb: It was the best address wasn’t? Ha! The amount of royal icing used on that roof, I’d say it could weather a small storm. ;)

  4. So colourful! Reminds me of St. John’s actually.
    Still can’t wait for your end of year song list though!

  5. It was rather colourful!

    It’s coming in about 5 minutes… ;)

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