a dash of chaos

I’ve been back in Ontario just over 24 hours now and I’m feeling very discombobulated.

I had a wonderful time out with friends last night, but today was spent mostly doing errands, which stressed me out a bit. Malls aren’t my favourite place on a good day, near the holidays, insanity.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I just don’t feel like myself right now. I have an extremely short fuse and I’ve found myself snapping quite a bit today, which is really not like me.

Although putting up the tree and hanging my favourite ornament did calm me a bit.

I’m tell you, it’s those twinkle lights…



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5 responses to “a dash of chaos

  1. That owl ornament is too cute!

    I hope that you are able to find your festive groove soon. Steering clear of the malls, especially after having just lived through the whole airport scenario, should help. And twinkle lights make everything better.

  2. kelly

    maybe the twinkle lights have a kind of hypnotic effect. I do know what you mean though, during the season in the evenings I like to end the evening watching TV with just the tree lights on. It’s funny though by New Years I find the tree and all the decorations to be agitating.

  3. mellowlee

    I suggest “playing sick” for at least a day and get some rest. I hope you’re feeling more yourself soon. I love that owl; so you! Miss you Ms Al! XO <3

  4. Barb: Lovely, isn’t? Great colours.

    Twinkle lights do make everything better. I think when all the errands are done I will feel a bit better. If only we could transport our beds with us when we travel I’m sure I’d feel a lot better.

    Kelly: It’s a brief window. Relaxing by the lights is what my goal for this eve is. Perhaps some Monty Python too.

    Mel: That’s my goal for the week. ;) Miss you too, can’t wait to catch up when I return. I’ll post pictures of the gingerbread house soon too – think you’ll get a kick out of it.

  5. mellowlee

    I’m really looking forward to catching up too, and the gingerbead house pics yay!

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