overheard at the market

I was waiting in the check-out line today at the market, and overhead this snippet of dialogue from the couple in front of me.

Him: I was looking everywhere for you, I even went to customer service and asked a manager. He suggested that I page you over the intercom, but I said to him, ‘We can’t, she’s practically deaf and not wearing her hearing aids. She won’t hear it!’

Her: (howls with laughter)

Him: I’m glad you find this so funny. I was worried.

Her: Well, if you had turned yours on, you would have heard me say I’ll be by the eggs.

Him: What?

Made my day.



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2 responses to “overheard at the market

  1. Although I am charmed by that exchange (this sort of thing is, after all, why we shop), I am a little terrified that this will be me in a couple of decades.

  2. That’s me on a daily basis. Have to laugh, have to laugh…

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