word trends of 2011

Found this link, “New and Trendy Words of 2011” while trying to suss out the most popular (or overused) words of the year. You can read the full list if you click the link, but below I’d copied the ones that made me chuckle. Most are words already in  our discourse, but with different meanings.

*Basketful of critters – means you are excited about something and cannot wait for it.

Dash the Cash – keeping something secret.

Smoke – a term that means alright or cool. Shows that you understand what’s being said.

Jankway – when you get lost on the highway and you accidentally take the jankway to your destination. The wrong, long, or dangerous route compared to the well-known, easiest route.

Who Chew– a dip placed in the dead center of your upper lip making it protrude to where you look similar to the Who’s, a fictional race of creatures from the popular Dr. Suess book, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

*my new favourite phrase.

Your favourite words as of late?



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3 responses to “word trends of 2011

  1. I perused the link and am puzzled by all the dip talk. Are dips the new black?

    I liked Jankway.

  2. Interesting… I do however, feel more disconnected than ever before. That being said, “Blazin’ babbs and chud”? Sign me up, I’m a “basket full of critters!”

    Great post.


  3. Barb: Yes, I was too. Perhaps.

    That’s one is great.

    Sean: See, so much fun to say! ;)

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