this one time…

At a Russian folk metal concert I chatted with a fellow in an electric blue crushed velvet cape, while at the bar awaiting a libation.

He told me all about his Japanese sword collection, pausing every few minutes to push his shoulder length blonde hair from his face. I was trying to place his accent when he noticed my Smiths t- shirt. He seemed genuinely sadden by the fact I was not wearing it ironically. Shortly after he melted into the mosh pit, I returned to wallflower status, waiting on a friend.

The end.

What did you do last night?



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9 responses to “this one time…

  1. I cannot even fathom a world where a Smiths t-shirt would be worn ironically. What a strange trip into another universe that must have been. Obviously good blog fodder though!

  2. It didn’t involve anyone in a cape that’s for sure! How does anyone think they can get away with that? Or did he?

  3. Barb: I know! I wish I could have captured my face when he said that.

    Dale: Actually, capes are all the rage these days. I see them everywhere. I enjoy them to be honest. Although more the cape/jacket types. Usually don’t see crushed velvet ones though…

  4. f-dog

    Last night I polished my swords, then donned my crushed blue velvet cape and my blonde wig and went to a Russian folk metal concert.

  5. I knew he looked familiar. And sweet, you’ve perfected the teleporter! Next time loose the wig, bring the swords. ;)

  6. Someone told me capes were in. That’s when I knew I was old. The last time they were in was when me and the Count used to hang out. :-)

  7. Ha ha! I can’t recall, was his cape velvet? I need to look this up. ;)

  8. kelly

    capes are in? seriously? I must be old or they haven’t got over here yet.

    Last night I drove back up from Victoria

  9. Cape/jackets, yes. Seen them in a lot of stores over the past year or so.

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