wondering what else lurks in private art collections after reading this article on a Rembrandt rediscovered after 390 years. whenever i read pieces like that i have the urge to watch How to Steal a Million. i think i’ll re-watch it this weekend.

speaking of films, there are a lot of good films out this month. plan to spend my holiday break at the cinema. what are you looking forward to?

really enjoying the new Black Keys record. they have filled the hole in my heart left by The White Stripes.

tackling yearly cleaning at work and home. my flat is never really that messy, just dusty. which is the opposite of work.

wondering what else i can do to get my iron levels back up. my doctor sent me back to get more tests, and they were worse than before. this would explain why when i wake up i’m tired.

wishing my writing class, which ends next week, had been more productive for me. my heart just wasn’t into it. it started out well, but then flat-lined. i’m hoping to spend some time on sunday re-working a few pieces. on the plus side, i have been reading more. it’s usually one or the other, isn’t?

wondering if they still make popcorn vending machines?

currently…you are?



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3 responses to “currently…

  1. Just finished listening to the new Black Keys in its entirety. Goooood stuff! So very satisfying, makes me want to take a road trip!

    Planning to get back to Christmas card writing, which has been resoundingly ignored since last week at this time. Not a stellar track record.

  2. I’ve been listening in my car all week, so great!

    I managed to finish mine last week, but I’m holding off mailing them until Monday. As you know with Canada Post the one time you mail them early, in anticipation of them being late, they’d arrive the next day. ;)

  3. I found the Black Keys early this year via a link to an awesome Letterman performance of “Tighten Up”. I immediately drove to the closest record store and bought that album.

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