walking with spiders

If you’re lucky there is that moment during every concert that reminds you why you fell in love with the band in the first place. Typically, for me, this moment is reserved for when my favourite songs comes through the speakers. This is the point where my heart pulls a Grinch and grows 3 times its size.

Last night, at the Orpheum watching The National it was when Matt Berninger climbed across the seats singing Terrible Love. As the song started up and he made his way across the stage to the far right, microphone cord wrapped around hand, leaning up against the speaker he sung the last lyrics from the first verse, “It’s quiet company” and then lights flashed and he melted into the crowd.

From my seat, centre stage 10 rows back, I could tell he was attempting to walk across the seats. The next few minutes made me smile not only to witness him singing in the middle of everyone, but as you could a) tell the age of the crowd and b) see Canadian politeness shine, as everyone lifted up the cord, so the poor roadie didn’t have to jump into the crowd to wrangle it, and everyone in the surrounding rows helped Matt walk across the seats.

Mid way through the song, as he made his way closer to the middle, I realised he was walking across the seats in row 9 and before I knew it he was standing in front of me singing screaming “It takes an ocean not to break.” The way he screamed break, gave me goosebumps. I could hear the noise being absorbed into my earplugs. My friend asked if I wanted her camera to take a picture. I shook my head, eyes transfixed. I didn’t need a poorly lit photograph to remind me of this moment. I knew it was one I’d never forget.

Quotable quotes

“I don’t like hot tubs, or orgies. Both are equally awkward.” -Matt

“We have a lot of stupid nicknames for each other. Mostly revolving around penises. Like Super Penis…or Doctor Penis.” -Matt

“I think I sprained my vest.” -Matt

“We’re going to take a sea plane tomorrow to Vancouver Island. Are those the ones that go under the water?” -Matt
“No, they land on the water. Under the water would be a submarine.” -Aaron

“During that break we went to the loo. I had to use the ladies.” -Aaron
“Did you sit down in the urinal? How did that make you feel?” -Matt

Very reasonably priced concert swag.

Hilarious holiday sweater vest.



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8 responses to “walking with spiders

  1. Wow, sounds like a most excellent time. The quotes are hilarious! The Sabaton concert I went to in October involved the singer making a comment about his penis, too. I wonder what that is all about – some lead singer thing??

  2. It was a great night, so was our dinner at Burgoo. Their banter is really great. I think it’s a guy thing, more than a musician thing. ;)

  3. westcoastwalker

    Sounds magical

    Did they end up playing Lemonworld? Even if they didn’t, it sounds like your close encounter of the Berninger kind more than makes up for it!

    Also, I really appreciate their stage banter, especially in the context of the (unfounded) “morose” label that aften gets thrown at them. Sure they have some very throughtful and introspective lyrics, but when you listen closely there is a lot of subtle humour in their songs.

    Thanks for sharing you wonderful experience.

  4. They did play Lemonworld! I didn’t need to storm the stage. ;)

    It was the first time I saw them play inside, quite a different experience. I really love their banter, I only wish there was more of it, they are quite humourous. And yes, it definitely comes through in the lyrics. Can’t wait for the next album/tour!

  5. Wow. That sounds like it was a positively magical evening, highlighted by that particularly magical seat-walking moment. You are right, you don’t need a camera to remember that moment; you don’t need to break your appreciation of being there in order to fumble for a camera. Very wise choice.

    Thanks for sharing that. It felt very special.

  6. It was a really great night, highlight of my week so far! I’ve noticed I’m taking my camera out less and less these days. I’m relying on others having theirs out, and trying to soak up the moment more. So far, so good. ;)

  7. Sounds like it was an amazing night! I love reading reviews of The National gigs – they always feel so incredibly special, and your account is no exception. Props to you for leaving out the camera, as well. There are some moments that need to be truly,fully lived in, and Matt Berninger singing several feet in front of your face would be one of those moments.

    And the banter is hilarious! Not as hilarious as that epic Christmas vest, though.

  8. My thoughts exactly! They really do have good banter, it took them a while to warm up, but once they start, it keeps rolling. Really makes the show so much more enjoyable.

    I wish he had worn that on stage. Too funny!

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