I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to visit the Museum of Vancouver, especially given my occupation.

I’m at the point now where I geek out mainly on the design and interpretation of a display, and then weep silently because our museum cannot afford fancy displays, even though we have similar collections. You can view photographs of Ugly Vancouver (the neon sign exhibit) over here and photographs of the permanent galleries are over here, courtesy of Melanie. Wandering Coyote also posted pictures from the museum, and the rest of the day on her blog as well.

I loved when you first walked into the museum there was a huge chalkboard wall where you could write down “What Vancouver means to you” – I was writing green.

What’s your favourite word as of late?



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6 responses to “green

  1. I’d forgotten all about that chalk board. I think I would have written “wet” or something like that, even though the day was brilliantly sunny.

  2. Ha. That will be quite accurate for these coming months!

  3. Those are great photos! Big neon fan here, so I will certainly try to get out to see it before the exhibition ends. I can see how you would have museum budget envy. It sounds like a great afternoon.

  4. I’d definitely go again, as I’d like to take my camera this time and get some pictures of the text, etc. I just had my iphone and it doesn’t take the best quality photographs. Twas a good way to spend a Saturday!

  5. kelly

    it’s interesting how time can change one’s perspective. When Vancouver was full of neon it was considered ugly and tacky. Now they are artistic museum pieces. I’ve always loved neon and I would like to go back 40 or 50 years in time and travel across North America taking pictures of neon signs and create a gallery exhibit of the photographs. I’m afraid there wouldn’t be enough anymore.

    And the word that comes to mind for me when i think of Vancouver…..hectic!

  6. I think it’s still considered both, actually, which is what the exhibit was about.

    You should look up Fred Hertzog, he’s taken some lovely photographs of Vancouver and signs, from the 1940s and 50s.

    For me Van is not hectic, London and Toronto are hectic.

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