pump up the jam

I’d like a job naming nail polish colours.

Just picked up this gold polish yesterday, along with a red titled “Old Hollywood.” I don’t think I’ve ever worn red nail polish, I’m normally a blue, purple or black polish girl, but I was feeling festive. Also discovered there is a Muppet line of nail polish, I’m assuming to coincide with the new film out. It was next to a giant cardboard cut out of Justin Bieber that scared the crap out of me while wandering through Shoppers, so I refrained from purchasing Warm & Fozzie.

Points to anyone who can make out my desktop picture, or who can guess the full quote from my arm tattoo. Picture is a bit blurry, I know, it reads “…music speaks.”

You can tell this is the first Friday I’ve been home in a while. I’ve posted twice today, and once about nail polish. Oh dear. Up next, Christmas Vacation is going in the DVD player and then I shall finish my book.

Low key Friday evenings are nice once in a while.



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5 responses to “pump up the jam

  1. kelly

    where words fail, music speaks

  2. Nicely done, Kelly!

    Is it really getting to be Christmas film season already? I’m still trying to get around to the Hallowe’en movies I meant to watch this year. Oh well, Carrie will just have to make way for A Christmas Story.

  3. I didn’t think anyone would get that (who didn’t already know). Well done, Kelly!

    Barb: It is almost that time of year. I bought Xmas card the other day. Figured with the way post is I should get my overseas cards done by the end of the month. Having just received a post card mailed in August from Royal Mail.

  4. kelly

    I had heard it before, can’t remember where.

    So those points I get, what are they good for?

  5. Admiration points, of course!

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