taste buds

I seem to have lost the ability to enjoy a good hot cuppa.

I use to drink hot tea by the soup bowl, but these days I can’t seem to mix a good cup. I gave up my sweet n’ low and it’s thrown everything off-balance. I’m back to black tea with lemon and honey, sans milk.

(gasp, no milk)

But it’s hard to mix that without it tasting like Neo-Citran. I’m wondering if I need to branch out and re-try some herbal teas. Normally they never did anything for me, as I favour tea with milk, but my taste buds are so off it just might work.

What’s your go to fall drink?

And speaking of taste, if you’re a fan of The National you should check out the link below, from a new band called NO with a “Berninger vibe.” Their EP Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Forever  just came out last week. Looking forward to hearing the whole thing.

NO – “Stay With Me”



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3 responses to “taste buds

  1. Oh thanks, a new National is definitely worth checking out.

    What a shame you can get any tea lovin these days! Not a herbal fan either, but in the evening I don’t mind a peppermint or a chamomile tea. They don’t have that horrible fake fruitiness of most herbals.

  2. kelly

    I’m starting to re-enjoy teas. When we met it was common for us to have tea in the evening and watch a movie or play backgammon or crib. I was never overly fussy but now knowing someone that works in a tea shop we have tried samples of a number of teas. I have been enjoying fennel tea myself.

  3. Barb: I’m enjoying the single, need to suss out their EP.

    Yeah, I never understood fruit teas. It’s how I feel about cider too. Here they try to pass off fruit flavoured cider as real cider. Not fooling me.

    Kelly: I’m quite fussy about my tea. Glad you’re enjoying different kinds. I’ll get back into my groove, making pots over single cups always helps.

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