and i feel the water rising around us, but that’s okay

I was walking home from the gym this morning, trying not to slip on the wet leaves splattered across the pavement, when I noticed my neck was unusually sore. I thought perhaps I had pushed myself too much at the gym. Yet that didn’t make much sense, as the pain was radiating from a new spot, nowhere near what I had been working on at the gym. I tried to ignore it, and turned up the volume on my ipod and continued walking.

It finally dawned on me a few hours later that my sore neck probably had more to do with the fact I took in two concerts yesterday. Never underestimate how much swaying to the music can affect you, especially when you have chronic neck pain. Silly me.

It was worth it though.

I went to the Railway Club to take in an afternoon rockabilly jam session. The club itself isn’t much bigger than my living room, really, so it has a great atmosphere. Plus, they serve Rock Creek cider. Apparently Radiohead played there in the 90s. Can you imagine? After the Railway Club, I made my way over to another equally cozy club, the Biltmore to see Wild Flag. It was a perfect amount of energy on a rainy Saturday eve. Not to mention it was an early show, so I was home by 11.30, which suits me fine as I have to work today.

Now I must attend to some writing, both for work and play.

How are you spending today?



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4 responses to “and i feel the water rising around us, but that’s okay

  1. Concert neck. That ranks right up there with my stair-climbing knee injury.

    Glad to hear that both shows were worthwhile though. That’s a pile o live music in one day!

    I’m enjoying another day without the predicted snow (yes!), taking a wee walk and doing some volunteer writing. I may even sit down with a book for a while…

  2. Yes, concert neck. Stole that. ;)

    Sounds like a lovely day. I’m thinking this eve is going to be spent with a nice book on the couch.

  3. kelly

    i’ve had a headache for about 4 days although I shouldn’t complain because it’s more of a constant nagging, probably nothing compared to your migraines. It comes from stiffness and tight neck muscles and I am patiently waiting for my massage therapist to return from Hawaii. I can’t believe she would go there and not consult me first in case I needed her. I seem to get this about 4-5 times a year and a couple deep tissue massages helps immensely. It’s a bonus that I get a full body massage along with it. I actually went out to see some live music last week. Elliot Brood at the Waverley hotel which is a great live music venue. . Was a good night but made the next day at work long and tired.

  4. Yes, headaches certainly don’t help with neck or shoulder pain. Glad that massage works for you, it never really did anything for me but made things worse. If it was something I could afford each week, then perhaps it might help, but going every so often just stirred up more trouble.

    Nice, I do enjoy Elliot Brood!

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