i’ll remember what you did for us, even if i don’t remember you

I think it’s fitting that after attending the Remembrance Day ceremony in Memorial Peace Park, I’ll spend the rest of my day writing about Trench Art for my next newspaper article. It’s truly a fascinating topic, I will make sure to link to my article on Wednesday when it gets published.

Is today a holiday where you are? It’s not a national holiday in this country, but provincial. I looked it up, and was surprised to find that Ontario is the only province that doesn’t consider is a holiday. I really think that should change.



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5 responses to “i’ll remember what you did for us, even if i don’t remember you

  1. kelly

    we always send our rescue down to the ceremony and it’s not unusual to have to attend to an elderly person with shortness of breath or chest pains or something. I’m not on that truck today so, heading down on my own shortly. It’s turned into a beautiful sunny day unlike most other years

  2. It’s pouring rain here. I’m off right now to pick up my neighbour, a veteran who lives in the legion flats to take to the ceremony, and meet some co-workers there. It’s a really big ceremony here. Nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Quite lovely to see.

  3. kelly

    shortly after the ceremony finished and everyone left, the wind came up, the temperature dropped, the rain poured and then the hail!

  4. How odd, I just wrote an “is it a holiday or isn’t it” post about the day as well. I’m really looking forward to reading your Trench Art piece, very curious to learn more about what you have uncovered.

  5. Kelly: The rain stopped here just before the ceremony.

    Barb: It definitely is one of those days, it needs to be more defined. It’s more on the piece from our collection, with a little backstory on Trench Art itself. Being under 600 words, it’s hard to fit everything in!

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