Good news.

I went to the neurologist today, for my follow-up after the botox treatment. For a brief two weeks in October I had no migraines. It was lovely. And then they came back. Less frequent than previous, but still there.

So the doctor wants to try the treatment again, but double the dose. Not in my forehead, but in other areas of the head/neck/shoulders. Last time one vial resulted in 47 injections, so I’m not looking forward to 94, however…he might be able to get me samples, so I don’t have to pay the $550 (since my insurance won’t cover it). I have to check back in two weeks. Fingers crossed.

I’m willing to try it once more, even if he can’t get the samples. However, if I don’t see a better improvement, that will be the last one.

Oh, and new Black Keys. Not as infectious as their last, but I’m still excited for the album.

Happy Thursday!

Update: They got the samples! Huzzah. Just have to pay the “injection fee”



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4 responses to “potential…

  1. Great news! When does the poking resume? May those two glorious weeks stretch out to infinity this time!

    This calls for a listen to the Black Keys!

  2. December 8th. So with any luck I might have a migraine free holiday!

    I’m really excited for that album. They should make that guy dance in all their videos from now on. :)

  3. kelly

    good new on the botox injection samples. This is one thing where you can say “no pain, no gain”

  4. Yes, I’ll repeat that mantra whilst getting poked. ;)

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