shuffle step back

My Grandmother carried gold sparkle house slippers in her purse.


I can recall vividly stealing the slippers before she had a chance to put them on upon arrival, and sliding around the hardwood floor, while she chased me.

I was reminded yesterday of these as I went on a home visit for work. I was in the entry way, unzipping my boots, and the woman whom I was visiting asked me if I’d like a pair of house slippers for my stocking feet. I smiled and said that was okay, as my feet pulled themselves out of the boots to reveal ankle socks, covering my stockings. I came prepared.

I know it’s a Canadian, and British thing to remove shoes before entering your house, or other people’s, however, I’ve always wondered why the US never adopted this. Wonder what the case is everywhere else.

Personally, I hate socks, so I never wear them at home, but there’s comfort in shuffling around the house in slippers.



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5 responses to “shuffle step back

  1. They’re even stricter on the “no shoes” rule in Japan. I wonder what the rest of world does. I’m inclined to think the U.S. are the odd ones out.

  2. Yes, definitely.

    I’m curious too. Of all the different countries I’ve been to besides that US, Spain was the only one where the shoes stayed on as well.

  3. It seems rather crude to leave shoes on in the house, doesn’t it? Like not washing your hands before dinner or something.

  4. Ruth

    I have no idea why anyone would choose to wear shoes in the house. You are correct about the uk, most people here take off their shoes at the door in both their own homes and when visiting. Wearing slippers here in the uk is the norm. However most seem to prefer to take their slippers with them when visiting rather than wear guest slippers. I don’t like wearing socks either in the house so I am always barefoot with my slippers.

  5. Barb: Yes, exactly!

    Ruth: Yes, when I was living in England, I found it to be very similar to Canada in that regard. Barefoot in slippers is the best!

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