he lit the room

George was always my favourite of all The Beatles.

This week I watched George Harrison: Living in the Material World, the HBO documentary on his life directed by Martin Scorsese. It was lengthy, nearing 4 hours, but it came in two parts and I didn’t feel like it dragged. Part 1 mainly dealt with The Beatles, and Part 2 on his solo career and life post Beatles. I had no idea he was so closely involved with Monty Python. He financed their first film, and subsequent others. Quite an extraordinary life.

If you enjoy watching rock documentaries, it’s a good one to check out. But bring a snack.

What’s your favourite Beatles song?



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7 responses to “he lit the room

  1. I always liked George too. That would be an interesting doc, but holy hell, that’s long! A picnic basket of spotted dick and watercress sandwiches would be required, I think.

  2. It aired in two parts, so I don’t think it was intended to watch it in one sitting. D’oh watercress sandwiches, why didn’t I think of that!

  3. George was my favourite, too. My favourite Beatles song changes so often, I can’t say what it is right now. (The same thing happens with the Decemberists.) Happiness is a Warm Gun comes to mind at the moment– though it wasn’t penned by Harrison.

  4. Mine changes as well, but Happiness is a Warm Gun is near the top. I’ve been singing Here Comes the Sun quite a lot lately (even before watching the docu).

  5. Favourite George song: Something. A perfect love song.

  6. (hmmm. The remember me function seems to have dementia…)

  7. Ha, clearly.

    That’s a great a song.

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