Starting to percolate my year-end music list. It’s been quite a great year for new music, I suspect a lot of variety out of it. Speaking of lists, have you seen SPIN’s 40 Greatest Comedy Albums? I was doubtful, but it is pretty grand. Most of the albums on that list I grew up listening too. I’m not sure what that says about my family…

Still humming along to Cuff the Duke tunes in my head. I went to see them last night at the Electric Owl on Main Street, and if anyone is keeping track, Wayne Petti is still pocket-size. I was disappointed at the lack of plaid though. However, at the bar, I found a poutine I can eat! Which means it doesn’t contain gravy. Aptly called, Owl Poutine.

Looking forward to chatting with my friend from Germany this weekend. We haven’t spoken (on the phone) since she left Newcastle. Somehow I don’t think that will matter.

I’m quite keen to read Stephen King’s new book. After reading a few interviews I’m intrigued.  His books are like candy to me. Although I’m less pleased it’s 900 pages.

Hoping the wait will be over soon.

Currently…you are?



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7 responses to “currently…

  1. I did see it, and I suppose I did think it was good at first, but then I started to wonder if it was simply a list of comedy albums that I’ve heard. It took me a while but I did think of a few others (Lonely Planet, Adam Sandler, etc), so I guess there was some sort of selection process.

    I only recently signed up to the SPIN Newsletter, in order to get the dreadful Nevermind covers album, but despite that, I must say I’ve been enjoying the newsletter (where I first read this comedy albums piece). What’s your favourite on the list? I’m happy to see Weird Al get some respect (though not my favourite of his), and of course, Monty Python.

  2. …and David Cross, Mitch Hedberg, and Patton Oswald…

  3. Not familiar with Lonely Planet. Unless you meant Lonely Island. That’s true, all but a few on there are albums I own…hmm.

    I want to buy this issue of SPIN that Oswalt curates. My favourite on that list? Oh, I can’t just pick one…Carlin, Cobsy, Murphy or Oswalt. Although with the exception of the Oswalt album, the choices they made for the others aren’t neccesarily the albums I’d pick. For instance, I prefer Cobsy’s “Himself” over “To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With.”

  4. Ha! Lonely Planet, the travel guides. Yes, I meant Lonely Island. Sheesh.

  5. Figured as much. ;) Do love the Lonely Island, but their older stuff. In fact, one of their videos was the first thing I ever posted on my old blog.

  6. Comedy albums have never really been on my radar, although I do believe we had a Bill Cosby album when I was young.

    Glad to hear that Cuff the Duke, despite the plaidlessness, was grand. I did see Wayne when he took the stage with Blue Rodeo at the folk fest this summer, but that’s the closest I have come to His Pocketness.

    I am currently cursing the snow – that didn’t take long – and getting all excited for our month-long microwavelessness to end today.

  7. They are a definite must for road trip listening.

    His legs are unbelievably tiny. Hopefully you’ll get to see them (the band, not just the legs ;)) next year, they said they were touring again soon.

    Huzzah to that! That is a long wait.

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