spot on

I don’t know why this picture amuses me so much.

Perhaps because I’d like to say it to a co-worker whenever the topic of reality television comes up. Or the next time I hear someone mention any one of the Kardashians.



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5 responses to “spot on

  1. kelly

    I’m agreeing with you on that. It really irritates me that anything to do with entertainment stuff is presented in a newscast. Give me a break! It is not news that that beiber guy has been seen with some girl at a canucks game, or what’s her name lohan missed her scheduled community service for whatever she did. These are not important things! I wish I could articulate how much that pisses me off.

  2. That’s why the picture is so great. It articulates everything perfectly!

  3. It’s one of my favourite sayings too! Although I have generally heard it as all the fucks I don’t give. But they both work.

  4. Barb: I like that one I bit better.

    John: Perfect, isn’t?

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