look around round

I tried to post this picture, but it wasn’t loading properly. Click to see a humourous illustration poking fun at how ridiculous those “sexy little” costumes are. It was quite refreshing to see actual creativity this year at the event I attended Saturday, and around the city yesterday.

Did you see any costumes of note this year?



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4 responses to “look around round

  1. Sexy first edition Old Man and the Sea? Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that back in my skank costume days?

    There was a flood of Raggedy Annes at the door tonight. Don’t know what that was all about.

  2. Quite genius isn’t?

    I saw a lot of Raggedy Ann costumes this year too! Not a lot of Andys though. Perhaps there was sale on?

  3. There’s also a sexy Sponge Bob Costume. (See it here.)

  4. I was afraid to click that link. Unbelievable. Although I shouldn’t be surprised…I still am. Sigh.

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