snip, snap

I’m watching Edward  Scissorhands on telly while uploading photos from the past month. Seems like a fitting end to what was quite a busy month. Tomorrow the museum has a Hallowe’en event, and I’m hoping we’ll have a good turn out.

Here are some snaps from my phone (and a few stolen from Mel), of the Parade of the Lost Souls. A performance art walk in East Vancouver. It was the perfect night for a stroll…

En route to the parade. Who doesn’t love a polka dot house?

Come this way…

Put your own mark on the mannequins.

I love Jack-O-Lanterns. Favourite one is second from the left.

Getting a bit too dark for the phone.

Snowflake cobwebs.

Twirl, twirl.



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2 responses to “snip, snap

  1. It looks as though it was a wonderfully imaginative stroll! Was there a good turnout of wandering souls?

    I wonder if that house always sports polka dots or if this is only for special occasions?

  2. Fairly certain the house is like that all the time, it wasn’t near the festivities.

    There was! Thousands. It was really amazing. Such a great event.

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