everyone is slipping backwards

One of the key players in the new film Drive is without a doubt the soundtrack.

I can’t recall being this taken with a soundtrack since seeing Lost in Translation.

Maybe it’s because I do some of my best listening in the car, and I’m sucker for synthpop. I also kind of like when the sun bounces off the windshield and blinds you.

Do you have a favourite film soundtrack?

Here’s the Chromatics new song, Kill for Love. Their song Tick of the Clock was featured in Drive.



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6 responses to “everyone is slipping backwards

  1. Personally I am not a fan of being blinded by the sun while driving, but I do agree on the good acoustics of a car.

    A couple of my favourite soundtracks would be Local Hero and that one that Nick Cave and Warren Ellis did, but I forget what it’s called. Very violent but beautiful music.

  2. In small doses I enjoy it. I especially like when it’s caught on film too. As of course, I’m not the one driving so that helps.

    Not sure I’m aware of it – I’ll have to check it out!

  3. f-dog


  4. Ah, yes, that one is aces. It’s been a few years, I need to rewatch it.

  5. The soundtrack to Donnie Darko is still an all-time favourite. I also adore Devotchka’s work on the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack – I’ve yet to come across another movie where the music and the film are so inextricably linked in my momory.

    Oh and the music from 500 Days of Summer is also a winner, although the appeal of the movie itself has been fading lately.

  6. I can’t really recall the music from Donnie Darko, but it’s been ages. Yes, 500 Days of Summer had a great soundtrack. I enjoyed it, although I saw it twice, and I don’t think it’s one I’d see again anytime soon.

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