intrigued over this list; ten words you might think came from science, but are really from science fiction.

enjoying a morning concert on KEXP with We Are Augustines.

feeling a bit sore from the piercings i had done on the weekend. i forgot about all the aftercare involved. while i as at the tattoo parlour, i found out about a new type of nose ring they have, which wasn’t available when i got mine ten years ago. it’s a stud that has a better locking mechanism. to be honest, i can’t imagine ever-changing my ring to a stud, but nice to know the option is there.

probably more excited than i should be over finding blackout curtains with white lining. my apartment building has rules over window coverings, and i’ve been looking for the past year for proper blackout blinds, and yesterday i found them.

finally finished the pumpkin pie.

have to start from scratch on a new exhibition for the temporary gallery because we’re going to jointly curate something with a community organization to correspond with their anniversary in January. at least i have a finished exhibit for next summer.

happy to be back in another writing class.

enjoying these modern fairy tale posters.

currently…you are?




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4 responses to “currently…

  1. The sci-fi words link really speaks to the geek in me. I did not know that about (computer) viruses!

    I am currently a lot more excited about seeing Frank Turner tonight than I am about seeing my dentist this morning.

    Enjoy writing class!

  2. ali

    Love the fairy tale posters!

    Enjoy the writing class and good luck with the piercing recovery!

  3. John: They are, aren’t they!

    Barb: Either did I. Actually there were quite a few on that list I didn’t know came from sci-fi lit.

    Even I would have to agree there. ;)

    Ali: Aren’t they grand!

    Thanks, all are starting off well.

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