my head is an animal

Retired the chainsaw vacuum and purchased a new one that does not smell like burning plastic when I plug it in.

My carpets are happy and can no longer see red hair everywhere, and so I am happy.

Also happy because I seem to be getting more of the ability to raise my eyebrows back, which means the botox treatment must be wearing. I go back to the neurologist next month to assess the migraine situation, still undecided if there will be another treatment.

It was a good thing to that I had some ability to raise my eyebrows so when I got the news that I needed to get new breaks for my car I was able to have a furrowed brow. Thought they’d last me until next year. No such luck.

At least there’s still pie to eat, a slight consolation that helps when I look at my bank account.

I have an extra pair of goggles that I think would fit Sam perfectly.



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4 responses to “my head is an animal

  1. Baaaaa, vehicles! They are almost as bad as houses for robbing us blind!

    But a steam pug makes it so much better!

  2. They definitely are. Especially the older they get. I got a good deal though – part of their “winter special” so it could have been much worse.

    It totally does.

  3. kelly

    have you been getting fewer migraines since the initial botox treatment? Do you know if the reduction in migraines (if there was any) is suppose to increase as you get more treatments or does it only last for the time between treatments?

    There is a couple that I see in the park sometimes when I have jakethejerkdog there that have a black pug and a white pug. Their names are bruce and willis. Funny I know all the dogs names but only a few of the owners names. I will have to fix that.

  4. Only in the last few weeks, but I still get at least one per week and I still get headaches, but it’s definitely a little less. I’m not sure, hopefully that’s what the next appointment will tell me.

    Ha ha! That’s cute.

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