speaking words of wisdom

Most notable piece of blog spam this week:

“Good post, I’ve got five chainsaws myself, nothing quite like feeling the force of one as you take down a forest!” ~Buy Chainsaws UK

I knew that post would get some good spam.

Something that’s made you chuckle this week?



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5 responses to “speaking words of wisdom

  1. Nothing like some good spam to remind us why we write huh… (At least they comment right?)

    Something that made me chuckle this week? The two “IT guys” I was working with yesterday that were positively Hobbit like. From the mysterious comiserating (with steeple hands) to the odd language that only they seemed to understand. Mind you, they were wearing shoes; but I think that was just a cover.


  2. Sounds like a regular day around here. ;) I love how workplaces have their own vernacular. Although here, we do leave our shoes at the door. Traded for slippers mind you.

  3. It’s working, that spam! Now I want to buy a chainsaw or five and take down a forest!

    The Slightly Retarded Kitty has been making me chuckle all week. Although always vocal when she bursts in through the door, the constant rain of the last few days has made her complaints, as she comes in from the rain, particularly vociferous.

  4. kelly

    this may be mean but I’m ok with that. We are currently taking on some new recruits on the volunteer side of our fire department. We’ve had them in doing fitness testing and phobia testing (climbing the 65 ft ladder, crawling through confined spaces with masks blacked out) etc. The biggest guy who thought he would have “no problem” puked following the fitness test. Not enough cardio for him I suspect. That made me chuckle. We teased him in a good natured way and he chuckled as well. The two females did fine. One does MMA and I suspect she could kick most of our asses.

  5. Barb: You’ll have to use your new camera to capture some of these moments with the SRK!

    Kelly: Mixed Martial Arts? I would suspect so!

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