push the button, max

Been feeling a bit under the weather.

Everyone has been sick the past few weeks at work, so I’m sure that’s it.

The rain has also started here. I’m not quite ready for winter, but I am enjoying wearing my new hat.

I’ll like it even more when I purchase new shoes without holes.

This picture made me smile today. Should have saved it for a “caption this” post but couldn’t resist.




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3 responses to “push the button, max

  1. kelly

    geee and i thought tony curtis was too cool to wear socks like that

  2. I covet that walking stick, I’m not going to lie.

    Boo to the feeling ill and boo to the start of the rainy season! I guess I shall be forced to sacrifice that small child to the weather gods after all.

  3. Kelly: The socks add to the coolness, in my opinion.

    Barb: Me too. Me too.

    The weather is supposed to take a turn next week – so fingers crossed. Be nice to have some sun for Communique.

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