frustrated over work at the moment. had a massive writing block this week, which i thankfully overcame but it pushed a lot of other stuff off my desk that i needed to deal with. i think if i was more confident in my writing ability, i wouldn’t second guess myself so much, and it would make for a much smoother process. my next creative writing class starts in a few weeks, so hopefully that will put me in the right mindset for my next column.

thinking it’s that time of year to start stock piling homemade soup, but first i’m going to attempt gluten/dairy free cupcakes. seems everyone in my life has either an allergy to one or both, so i’m trying out different recipes. i’ll report back if they turn out. or if they don’t.

excited to have three concerts to go to in November; Cuff the Duke, The Lemonheads and The National.

wondering how you properly pronounce the name “Lawlor”…my friend just had a baby boy and named him this. in my head it sounds weird.

probably far too excited about the fact that i can now open jars without assistance.  the main reason i started going to the gym again. also so i can shout ‘victory is mine!’ after i open anything.

currently…you are?



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4 responses to “currently…

  1. kelly

    w is not silent in the case I know anyhow. Law (as in he broke the law) lor.

    I’ve been loving my Sunday soup book, a different soup for every Sunday based on the seasons. I’m recalling a soup I made last winter from a differnt source, brocolli I think and it used tofu as a thickener.

    I am not looking forward to this weekend when I help one person move on Saturday and another on Sunday. Fortunately no appliances are involved

  2. Fixed that, not what I meant. It just sounds like an unfortunate name…like the sound you make when trying to pronounce “lawyer” but with something in your mouth.

    Moving is never too exciting. At least you don’t have a lot of larger objects too move. That’s one thing I miss about England – furnished flats. So much easier to pick up and move!

  3. Lawlor? Man, I hope for that kid’s sake that LOL and all its derivatives are passe soon.

    Well done on the newly found jar opening abilities! You will never want for pickles again!

    I am currently planning some contests and deciding on prizes. Now THAT’s fun!

  4. Ooh, I didn’t even think of that. I hope they give him a nickname.

    Ha! So true, so very true. ;)

    That does sound like fun (steeple hands).

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