silhouettes of spilled ink

Last week at work while waiting for our monthly speakers program to start, two members sat next to me discussing tire brands.

The conversation was as dull as it sounds, except for one tangent that caught my attention.

“Back in Kelowna -“

“Oh, you’re from Kelowna?”

“No, I just lived there for 45 years.”

I smiled to myself overhearing this. How funny we are attaching ourselves to various places, or proclaiming the opposite; oh no, I just live here, I’m really from over there. 

The more I travel, the less I attach myself to one particular place, but many.

I am from all the cities I have lived; Stratford, Sarnia, Kingston, Vancouver, Newcastle, Smithers, Maple Ridge…

Continually, I find myself homesick for these places, yet I also find myself attaching myself to places I want to go.  They impact me just as much as the places I have lived even though I have never set foot there.

I also think this is a more interesting question.

Yet maybe that’s just the nomad in me talking.

What about you, where are the places you’d like to go?



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2 responses to “silhouettes of spilled ink

  1. It might be quicker to ask where don’t I want to go… That said, places I want to go where I have never been include Scotland, Scandinavia, Japan, Costa Rica, and certain select US cities – Portland, Chicago, Austin, New York. I think what this says about me is that I need a larger travel budget.

  2. That is also a good question. Las Vegas top your list too?

    It’s a never ending list, isn’t? I was really hoping to make it to Portland this year, but don’t think it’s in the cards.

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