twist my arm

I was talked into doing a Hallowe’en event at one of the museum’s next month.

I’m always hesitant about doing events in the fall because of the weather, and people’s reluctance to go anywhere when it’s raining. Which frankly, given our climate perplexes me. Anyway, a few publications offered us free advertising and we were already planning on decorating the house, so I agreed. We’re keeping it simple as it is a kids event; a craft, treats, and a tour.

It’s hard to keep the craft simple, as the venue doesn’t really work well with anything messy, so paint is out. Right now we’re thinking Q-Tip skeletons, paper cup bats, or paper bag gargoyles. Any other ideas? Suggestions welcome. All my staff are keen to dress up as well. Haven’t decided if I will, but it’s nice to see everyone so enthused. Perhaps I’ll go as Dizzy and wrap metallic wire with silver stars around my head. That’d be fitting, no?

Best Hallowe’en costume you’ve seen?



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2 responses to “twist my arm

  1. I think your Dizzy costume would be fantastic. Maybe fasten some pillows to your elbows and knees too.

  2. iduality

    Or bubble wrap. Ha! Yes, this could work. ;)

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